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How Yoga Can Benefit Children with Autism

Q&A with Shawnee Thornton and Yoga International on the benefits of Yoga for Children with Autism.

Yoga for Autism has become a topic of interest in the field of Yoga Therapy and Children's Yoga. There is limited research on this topic, however some studies have been done that have shown yoga having a positive effect woth children with autism.

This study noted...

  1. Improved focus and receptive skills

  2. Decreased self-stimulatory and self-injurious behaviors

  3. Increased Imitation skills

  4. Improved social interactions & joint attention

  5. Increased sitting tolerance

“Yoga poses, breathing strategies, and visualization strategies, when taught in an accessible way, can support people with autism in expressing and releasing difficult emotions, sensory integration, self-regulation, social and communications skills, reducing anxiety, and an overall increase in self-esteem and self-acceptance. Along with the many benefits listed, yoga also has many physical and mental benefits that support improved motor coordination, fine/gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, sleep, digestion, memory, focus, and concentration. These are all areas that can be a struggle for people with autism.”

Shawnee Thornton Hardy

See the full interview here

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