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Yoga Therapy for Youth is dedicated to helping children and teens thrive through the integration of yoga, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, lifestyle and somatic practices.

We believe all children and youth have an innate capacity to experience peace, joy, empowerment, connection and well-being in their lives. 

We offer 1:1 Yoga Therapy Sessions, Workshops and Teacher Trainings with the intention of seeing children and youth through a whole-child lens. 


Children learn through movement, sensory connections with the world around them, experience, practice, repetition and modeling from the adults in their world.


We strive to give youth the tools to be able to navigate the world with a sense of joy, curiosity and confidence. Our goal is to empower youth with mindfulness tools that will help them thrive from childhood into adulthood.

Our children are our greatest teachers. May we be of service to them, may we strive to protect them and empower them and may we be humble enough to see through their unique lens in order to receive their teachings. 

"Your mind will always believe what you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth, Feed it love.

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