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"When we seek to find the best in others, somehow we bring out the best in ourselves."

Tyla Arnason C-IAYT, Founder of The Yoga Effect in Calgary, AB.

Tyla began working with Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed in 2007 within the Culos-Reed Health and Wellness Lab’s Yoga Thrive program, (then Yoga for Cancer Survivors).  Since that time, Tyla has taught hundreds of classes to thousands of students with a cancer diagnosis.  She has applied the knowledge gained from working both privately and in groups, with cancer survivors and from numerous trainings and workshops to develop yoga protocols that have been used extensively in research.  These include; Yoga Thrive Level 2, Yoga for Pediatric Oncology Out-Patients and True NTH Lifestyle Management for those with prostate cancer.  In partnership with Dr. Culos-Reed, Tyla leads the Yoga Thrive Teacher Training Program that has equipped over 150 certified yoga instructors throughout Canada and the U.S. with the skillset necessary to teach within the cancer community.  Along with training and mentoring many teachers through Yoga Thrive, Tyla also sits on the Yoga Therapy International faculty as a Resource Specialist Mentor and facilitates the Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness module for The Yoga Studio College of Canada’s Gold Therapy Program.  She has recently teamed with The Yoga Therapy for Youth Foundation to collaborate in their teacher training program and offer a Pediatric Cancer and Yoga module. She has presented for many groups including the University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services Cancer Care Conference and Alberta Healthy Living.  She teaches weekly classes for cancer survivors at both Wellspring Calgary locations and volunteers for many cancer related events.  She also volunteer teaches at Calgary’s out-patient hospice, the Sage Centre.   

Tyla began practicing yoga in 1999 after a car accident left her with a significant cervical spine injury and a permanent misalignment.  After several years learning to manage severe pain and migraines with asana, breath and mindfulness; she chose to leave her corporate career and embark on her first teacher training program to share the gifts of yoga with others.  She specializes in two areas; working with those living with cancer as well as with athletes, particularly golfers, baseball and ringette players. 


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