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"Our Children can be our greatest teachers if we are humble enough to receive their lessons."


Trauma-Educated Training Certification for Working with Youth and Young Adults

Yoga and Somatic Practices through a Trauma and Polyvagal Theory Lens to Support Youth and Young Adults in Building Greater Capacity & Resilience and Connecting to their

True Essence.


Autism, Neurodiversity & Diverse Needs Trainings and Workshops

Learn how to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children, teens and young adults of all brains, bodies and abilities

Yoga Therapy for Youth Training and Certification

100-hour Teacher Training in therapeutic approaches to support children and youth ages 5-17 with emotional, physical and mental health and well-being.


1:1 Sessions: children, teens and young adults 

1:1 sessions integrating Yoga Therapy/Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Touch to support embodiment, sensory integration, self-regulation, recovering from stress overwhelm and re-negotiating trauma


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